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  • Jack Gale

From Rock County

Living in Rock County has been one of the largest factors for my success in life. In small communities like Bassett, it is possible for people to be involved in anything they want to be involved in, and the acts of a single person or small group of people can make a huge impact on the community as a whole. In high school, I had the opportunity to participate in almost every extracurricular activity available. This may not seem extraordinary to those who grew up in small towns, but in most large schools located in urban areas, students must choose a few activities they want to be a part of and ignore the rest. With all of the different opportunities available to me, I believe I was able to become a more well-rounded individual than if I received my education at a larger high school. Plus, I was able to serve in a leadership role in most of these organizations, which not only builds a great foundation for future leadership but also looks great on college applications.

Another benefit of small communities is the neighborly environment. Both in school and in the community, people are always willing to volunteer their time. Whether it be a teacher helping a student after class or the FFA chapter raising money for a local cause, there is always someone around to help out.

This combination of great opportunities and a community that is willing to help itself has provided me with an ideal place to start my life. I believe living in Rock County and the lessons I have learned here were the largest contributing factors for my appointment to the U.S. Naval Academy and the beginning my professional career. Kids from rural Nebraska can achieve whatever they desire with the right work ethic and support groups. Luckily, rural Nebraska has a surplus of both.

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