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Join our Community Challenge TODAY!

Updated: Apr 28, 2021

The opportunity is now to help cross the finish line.

If you have followed the slow but sure progress of our community center, you might remember the article in the paper as well as information in our annual newsletter. In those articles we shared that Rock County Growth had applied for a Peter Kiewit grant to help cover the cost of building our community center. Rock County Growth began the application process in the winter of 2019 and was given first round of approval, but the process stalled when Covid 19 hit. In January of 2021 we submitted our application and the Peter Kiewit granting committee has asked for us to show we have community buy-in. They want us, the people of Rock County, to indicate our commitment through donations and pledges, to prove that we are ready to begin this project.

The Rock County Community Fund (RCCF) is taking this opportunity to do a Community Challenge; our goal for Rock County is to raise $250,000. This would show that our community does have buy in and is in favor of this effort to build our long overdue dream. We are asking for you to make a donation or a pledge towards the building of our community center. If you would like to make a donation please mail your donation to: Rock County Community Fund P.O. Box 506. We will also be taking commitments of a one-time gift or spread out over two or three years; this would be done on a signed pledge. For example, if someone would like to help out with a $10,000 dollar gift, instead of straining their cash flow, they could pledge $3,300 dollars a year for the next 3 years. If you or anyone you know would be interested, please contact Homer Buell 402-760-0615, Larry Buell 402-760-3612, or Dennis Swanson 402-760-0610 or work 402-684-2331.

We thank all of the people who have already helped us raise $500,000. Combining that with our Community Challenge dollars and the Kiewit grant a community center for Rock County will become a reality!

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