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Wording for Gifts in Your Will

The most common way for individuals to leave a gift to their hometown is through their will, like many before you have left to Rock County. There are a few ways to leave a gift in your will:

  • A specific bequest, such as a particular asset or dollar amount

  • A percentage bequest, such as 10% of your estate

  • A residual bequest, a gift from the balance of your estate after all other gifts have been allocated

  • A contingent bequest, which is made only if the primary bequest cannot be met

To achieve any of these types of gifts, it is important to have the correct wording so that Nebraska Community Foundation/Rock County Community Fund can put your gift to work as intended. Here is some common language for bequests to your hometown’s unrestricted endowment:

I give ______ to Nebraska Community Foundation, a Nebraska nonprofit corporation. This gift shall be used for the benefit of the Endowment Account within the (Rock County Community Fund).

Please contact NCF’s Office of Gift Planning if you have any questions about how to make a gift in your will or to request any additional information that might be helpful to you and your professional advisor as you consider making a gift in your will. You may also visit our gift planning website for more info on wording for gifts in your will.

Emily Sulzle, Assistant Director of Gift Planning

Jim Gustafson, Director of Advancement and Gift Planning

402.323.7330 |

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